Friday, 2 December 2011

Dressember Day 2

Today was the first day of the Clothes Show Live and Day 2 of Dressember and I was excited about my outfit for the day. I love purple and I love dressing up!!

Fever Serang dress (thanks Roisin) (and hidden petticoat), vintage hat, half moon earrings from Krakow (and a top underneath again, as it is very very cold today)
Thanks to the lovely Roisin for taking the picture this morning at the train station.
I did have to think twice about wearing the dress hat, but thought that if I could be extravagent anywhere, it would be at the Clothes Show. And I was right, I fitted in fine - although I did get some looks on my way to the train station early this morning, and the people in the vestibule on the train home were probably wishing that I wasn't wearing a petticoat and taking up so much room...
A lady stopped me today and asked me where I got my dress too, which was nice! I can't remember the name of it (all of the Fever dresses have names), but I'm sure Roisin will know..

Here are a few more pics of me in the dress as I worked today at the show.


  1. It's the Serang dress, and you look phenomenal!!

  2. Aw shucks!!
    And thanks for the name of the dress, I have added it to the post :)