Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Dressember - catch up to Day 7

Hello!! So I have been very ill over the last few days and as a result have been in PJs a lot and not dresses. However, by last night (Dressember day 6) I was feeling well enough to put actual clothes on and leave my bed, so I wore this:

Dress #4 - Green Skirt, black jumper and thick black tights!

Not a dress I realise, but it is a very cute skirt that I bought in France quite some time ago and hardly ever wear. I love the colour - which you can't really see here, but trust me it is a lovely moss green. Please excuse the ill-looking face and slightly crazy hair too!

I am feeling rather guilty about missing two days of Dressember, so to make up for it I am going to have as many outfit changes as possible each day to make up my dress count. :)

Today (Dressember Day 7), was the last day of the Clothes Show Live and also Whirling Wednesday and so I put on a brave face (and some make-up!) and went off to help out (sort of!)
This is what I wore:

Dress #5 - Multi-green halter dress (made by me), thick grey tights, black ankle boots, black cardi. I was also wearing a grey scarf for most of the day, which isn't pictured.
 I love this dress - the skirt especially! This was the first dress that I made without using a pattern. I traced a vintage dress that I own, that buttons down the front and has different straps and altered the pattern and ended up with this. I am sure that the original inspiration will find it's way into my Dressember wardrobe at some point, but I must say I prefer this version now! :)

A pic without the cardi
As it was the Clothes Show, I was of course tempted by lots of pretty dresses! I did in fact buy 5 more today, (6 if you count the one I won on Ebay too, but I think I will give that one to a friend as a pressie) but as I was trying some on I came across 2 beauties. They are both handmade one-of-a-kind dresses and I liked both! Especially the second one! Unfortunately they were both a bit too big, but I still tried them on (albeit over my other dress - this happened quite a lot today). Both dresses were very twirly, so they are my contribution to Whirling Wednesday.

Dress #6 - Handmade for Get Sneaky

Dress #7 - Handmade for Get Sneaky
I adore the skirt of the first one, but the bodice was just not doing anything for me. The second one on the other hand was far too big (apologies that you can see my own dress underneath), but I LOVE it! I am going to commission one, it was so beautiful.

I must also say a HUGE thanks to Vicks and Ness for holding my things when I was trying all of those dresses on and giving me very sound advice about which dresses to go for!! Also, these wonderful two ladies got all dolled up today in honour of me doing Dressember!! We forgot to get a photo though and remembered far too late as we were racing for our trains... oh well, you will need to trust me that they both looked FAB!! :) Vicks even got her hair done vintage-style!!

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