Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Coffee, Beetle Bus, top down, head scarves, Snowshill Manor, eclectic collection, granny's cabinet, Asian warriors, light saber, room full of spinning wheels, stumbled upon a wool festival, nougat icecream, Stratford upon Avon, dinner at RSC, small but delicious main course, bigger than we expected yummy yummy dessert, outdoor Nine Man's Morris...
Exhausted, but happy.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Dressember round up

Just a quick one today to share the last few dresses I wore in Dressember. I have made a little collage so you can see them all in one place. 

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Dressember catch up Day 13 - 22!

I have slipped up on posting my Dressember blog posts, so here is a bumper one for you guys!

Dressember Day 13, dress #14 from Fever, purple tights, purple suede lattice shoes from Office, purple belt.
I love these shoes, they are really comfy - if a little too stiletto-y for me, but the detail is fabulous! I hope the picture is clear enough...
For 'Waving Wednesday' (day 14, dress #15), I wore my Minelli dress by Fever, purple tights, black top and comfy boots. I love this dress, I have had it for a year and this is the first time that I have worn it. I had to slit the lining to get my hips into it, but now that it fits, I shall be wearing it loads!
Day 15, dress #16 is another dress that I got at the Clothes Show and I can't remember what brand it is now... I will amend when I remember. Anyway, it is really light fabric, so I had lots of layers on underneath it! It is brilliant to dance in.
Day 16, dress #17 from a charity shop - no label attached. This is the cosiest dress I own and it was a fitting dress to wear on a cold ferry journey home for Christmas. I also managed to fit 16 dresses in my suitcase for my holiday!! (photographed on the ferry)
For 'Spotty Saturday' (Day 17, dress #18), I wore my Ruby Belle for Fever Gobstopper Elf Dress. (photographed in my Aunts' house in Dublin)
Day 18, dress #19 from Purple at Dorothy Perkins. (I really want a chaise longue!)
Day 19, dress #20 from Therapy via a charity shop. (Photographed in rural Ireland, in my parent's house)
Day 20, dress #21 - a Christmas pressie from my ma last year.
Day 21, dress #22 - borrowed from my ma for 'Wedding dress Wednesday, or completely unsuitable dress Wednesday'
 If I had been at home, with access to my full wardrobe, I would have worn this:
I got it from a charity shop, hardly worn and only £20!! It's really lovely to wear. I felt very elegant when I wore it and themed an entire party around it so that I could wear it!
I also wore this dress on Day 21, I couldn't really wear my ma's dress all day! Dress #23 is the Prairie Prom dress from Fever. This dress flows really nicely, especially when I walk down stairs or dance in it. It's one of my favourites.
Day 22, dress #24. This is a lovely wrap dress from Mantaray, that I picked up for the pricely sum of £11 in a sale last year :)

Well that is your lot for now. I have 11 more dresses with me to wear for Dressember and I have finally decided what to wear on Christmas day too, which is exciting! 

I am also doing my best to coordinate my cosy socks to my dresses! Who wears shoes at home! ;)

If you think I'm doing a good job, don't forget you can sponsor me by going to our Sponsor Page and donating to Action for Children.  :)

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Dressember Day 12

Just a quick one to share yesterday's dress. It's from Oasis, via eBay. It's very comfy, but I hardly wear it. I think I paid a total of 2.49 for this beauty - you gotta love eBay!

Anyway, I should get going, we have two friends coming over for dinner this evening and I have some prep to do, as well as some work!! :)

Monday, 12 December 2011

Dressember day 9, 10 & 11

I have been quite bad at documenting my Dressember outfits, but I have been photographing every day, and stock pilling them, so you're in for a treat today. 
Let's start with Day 9, dress #9...

Dress #9 from charity shop, brown tights, browm boots, beret (made by me)
I bought this dress for a party that my friend Anna was having, the idea was that we would all come dressed in something we bought in a charity shop for a nominal sum of money - I was pretty lucky with this find!! It is an unusual dress, quite vintage feeling, but I have no idea of how old it is or where it is from as the tags had been cut out. It has a nice orange, red and brown pattern on a cream background and I like the sleeves a lot!

Next we have dress #10 worn on Day 10...
Dress #10 from Pepper Tree, black tights, grey boots and red cardi
I bought this at the Clothes Show and really like how it fits. It is a perfect winter dress and has the cutest pattern on it with very cute little sleeves, see...
Dress #10 without the cardi

Day 10, I actually wore 2 dresses, changing into something a little more party-like for the evening...
Dress #11 from Spotlight at Warehouse, with sparkly tinsel boa and suede shoes from Office
We were having a little party at ours and I felt like it was the perfect occasion to wear one of my special occasion dresses. I teamed it with some coordinating tinsel for Sparkling Saturday too. I adore this dress. I bought it 3 Christmasses ago and have not worn it since 2009 as it didn't fit for a while. I almost gave it away recently but thought again and decided to hold onto it. I was thrilled when I tried it on Saturday and it zipped all the way up. It is one of those dresses that I try on every so often and hope that it closes, so there were little yelps of yeay when it did! 

Roisin was over for the party too, so we managed to get a Dressember pic together...
Me & Roisin wearing our unintentionally coordinating party dresses
Roisin is wearing her lovely Betty Page Rita dress, Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Lady Dragon shoes and the most fabulous seamed stockings that you can't see in this photo, but if you pop over to her blog, there's a fab photo of them there.

I did a little spot of baking for the party too...
Festive green and red pinwheels :)
The party was lots of fun and after party was hilarious - Singstar from 2.30 until 4.45 in the morning!! I pity our neighbours, but we didn't have any complaints :)

On Day 11, I wore another new dress that I got at the Clothes Show...
Dress #12 from Oh My Love, black vintage belt, teal flats and black rose print tights
I adore this dress!! You may have noticed by now that this is a favourite colour of mine and I love the lacey bodice. The skirt is floaty and lovely to dance in, but with the added security of a nice lining.

I have yet to photograph today's dress, but I am hoping M gets back soon so he can do it for me. Until then...

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Dressember Day 8

Just a quick one to share dress #8 of my Dressember challenge..
It is one of the dresses I got at the Clothes Show, it's a brilliant colour and shape and has a nice detail on the back. I wore it with a little black bolero, black tights and very practical boots. I'm definitely glad I bought it!

Back detail

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Dressember - catch up to Day 7

Hello!! So I have been very ill over the last few days and as a result have been in PJs a lot and not dresses. However, by last night (Dressember day 6) I was feeling well enough to put actual clothes on and leave my bed, so I wore this:

Dress #4 - Green Skirt, black jumper and thick black tights!

Not a dress I realise, but it is a very cute skirt that I bought in France quite some time ago and hardly ever wear. I love the colour - which you can't really see here, but trust me it is a lovely moss green. Please excuse the ill-looking face and slightly crazy hair too!

I am feeling rather guilty about missing two days of Dressember, so to make up for it I am going to have as many outfit changes as possible each day to make up my dress count. :)

Today (Dressember Day 7), was the last day of the Clothes Show Live and also Whirling Wednesday and so I put on a brave face (and some make-up!) and went off to help out (sort of!)
This is what I wore:

Dress #5 - Multi-green halter dress (made by me), thick grey tights, black ankle boots, black cardi. I was also wearing a grey scarf for most of the day, which isn't pictured.
 I love this dress - the skirt especially! This was the first dress that I made without using a pattern. I traced a vintage dress that I own, that buttons down the front and has different straps and altered the pattern and ended up with this. I am sure that the original inspiration will find it's way into my Dressember wardrobe at some point, but I must say I prefer this version now! :)

A pic without the cardi
As it was the Clothes Show, I was of course tempted by lots of pretty dresses! I did in fact buy 5 more today, (6 if you count the one I won on Ebay too, but I think I will give that one to a friend as a pressie) but as I was trying some on I came across 2 beauties. They are both handmade one-of-a-kind dresses and I liked both! Especially the second one! Unfortunately they were both a bit too big, but I still tried them on (albeit over my other dress - this happened quite a lot today). Both dresses were very twirly, so they are my contribution to Whirling Wednesday.

Dress #6 - Handmade for Get Sneaky

Dress #7 - Handmade for Get Sneaky
I adore the skirt of the first one, but the bodice was just not doing anything for me. The second one on the other hand was far too big (apologies that you can see my own dress underneath), but I LOVE it! I am going to commission one, it was so beautiful.

I must also say a HUGE thanks to Vicks and Ness for holding my things when I was trying all of those dresses on and giving me very sound advice about which dresses to go for!! Also, these wonderful two ladies got all dolled up today in honour of me doing Dressember!! We forgot to get a photo though and remembered far too late as we were racing for our trains... oh well, you will need to trust me that they both looked FAB!! :) Vicks even got her hair done vintage-style!!