Thursday, 22 December 2011

Dressember catch up Day 13 - 22!

I have slipped up on posting my Dressember blog posts, so here is a bumper one for you guys!

Dressember Day 13, dress #14 from Fever, purple tights, purple suede lattice shoes from Office, purple belt.
I love these shoes, they are really comfy - if a little too stiletto-y for me, but the detail is fabulous! I hope the picture is clear enough...
For 'Waving Wednesday' (day 14, dress #15), I wore my Minelli dress by Fever, purple tights, black top and comfy boots. I love this dress, I have had it for a year and this is the first time that I have worn it. I had to slit the lining to get my hips into it, but now that it fits, I shall be wearing it loads!
Day 15, dress #16 is another dress that I got at the Clothes Show and I can't remember what brand it is now... I will amend when I remember. Anyway, it is really light fabric, so I had lots of layers on underneath it! It is brilliant to dance in.
Day 16, dress #17 from a charity shop - no label attached. This is the cosiest dress I own and it was a fitting dress to wear on a cold ferry journey home for Christmas. I also managed to fit 16 dresses in my suitcase for my holiday!! (photographed on the ferry)
For 'Spotty Saturday' (Day 17, dress #18), I wore my Ruby Belle for Fever Gobstopper Elf Dress. (photographed in my Aunts' house in Dublin)
Day 18, dress #19 from Purple at Dorothy Perkins. (I really want a chaise longue!)
Day 19, dress #20 from Therapy via a charity shop. (Photographed in rural Ireland, in my parent's house)
Day 20, dress #21 - a Christmas pressie from my ma last year.
Day 21, dress #22 - borrowed from my ma for 'Wedding dress Wednesday, or completely unsuitable dress Wednesday'
 If I had been at home, with access to my full wardrobe, I would have worn this:
I got it from a charity shop, hardly worn and only £20!! It's really lovely to wear. I felt very elegant when I wore it and themed an entire party around it so that I could wear it!
I also wore this dress on Day 21, I couldn't really wear my ma's dress all day! Dress #23 is the Prairie Prom dress from Fever. This dress flows really nicely, especially when I walk down stairs or dance in it. It's one of my favourites.
Day 22, dress #24. This is a lovely wrap dress from Mantaray, that I picked up for the pricely sum of £11 in a sale last year :)

Well that is your lot for now. I have 11 more dresses with me to wear for Dressember and I have finally decided what to wear on Christmas day too, which is exciting! 

I am also doing my best to coordinate my cosy socks to my dresses! Who wears shoes at home! ;)

If you think I'm doing a good job, don't forget you can sponsor me by going to our Sponsor Page and donating to Action for Children.  :)

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