Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Hello!! It's been a long time I realise, but I am back and hope that the challenge I have set myself will help me to blog more often! 

So, this year I am participating in Dressember (I had meant to get involved, but had forgotten all about it, so thanks to Roisin for reminding me about it!) - a dress a day for the 31 days of December. The mission is: To wear a dress every day in December 2011, photograph it, upload it, and enjoy an online community to chart our journey. Spectators welcome. Maybe even raise a bit of cash for Action for Children. 
It's a great charity and I am excited to be involved. 
I pretty much wear dresses all of the time (except for when I go dancing - I have been wearing jeans more and more often for dancing and working from home), but it's usually the same few out of a huge collection, so my personal challenge will be to wear some of those that rarely see anything but the inside of my wardrobe. It'll be difficult to pack for 16 days away over Christmas, but I'm hoping I'll manage somehow! Skirts are allowed too, which is good, as I have quite a few that I haven't worn in a very long time! 
So if you see me dressed up to the nines wandering around town buying groceries, you will know why. Please support me if you can!!

I'm really excited about being involved and am looking forward to my outfit planning for the next 31 days. 

Until tomorrow!! x

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