Thursday, 7 April 2011

A brighter afternoon

It was one of those mornings where everything gets to me and I get upset by the smallest things, but this afternoon has been much better. 
Michael took me out for a hot chocolate, a slice of carrot cake AND a cannoli!! Lucky me, eh! 
We then had a run around town to get some things that we needed, mainly washing powder and boring but essential things like that - exciting stuff! 
My day was getting significantly better by this stage, and then off I went to Aspire Style in Warwick to have a look at their sale. I have had my eye on the blue Ruby Belle Tea Blossom dress since before Christmas, and my was I disheartened when I arrived and there was no size 10 on the rack... It turned out that the size 10 was in the changing room with the lady that would be buying it a few moments later. I snapped up the 8 and the 12 and hoped that one of them would be okay. 
Luckily, this dress comes up quite big and the 8 fits like a dream, so needless to say I am a very happy little lady now! 
You will no doubt see many a photo of me in my beautiful new dress, but until then, this is what it looks like. 

Ruby Belle Tea Blossom dress
My day was also made better by bumping into 2 of my most favourite people on the way back from the train station. They made me smile and I look forward to Saturday when we are all going to Kenilworth for a saunter. 
I am now going to do a bit of knitting (I have loads to catch up on as I couldn't bring it with me to Ireland in my hand luggage), and then make dinner with my lovely man.  
Until next time folks, and sorry for my little moan at the beginning. I will make up for it with loads of photos in my next post. :)


  1. Really looking forward to Saturday, and to seeing how you wear that adorable dress! I have to say my mouse has been hovering over it on the Aspire sale section all morning... but I must be good!!

  2. Well you know you can borrow my one anytime you like my dear. I will also bring the Minelli dress along tomorrow, if you fancy borrowing it?
    I should really get your Numph dress back to you, but I'm loving wearing it, I may wear it again tomorrow, if that's okay and give it back next week? If that's not too cheeky! x
    See you tomorrow, oh and I have put my new sim in an old phone, so can be contacted again (on the same number).