Thursday, 23 September 2010

A spot of baking

Two blog posts in one night! I am on a roll (that I will most likely fall off shortly!). 

I love baking and I have done quite a bit of it this week. I am just glad I have lots of lovely friends and family that are willing to eat what I bake. ;)
So far this week I have baked:
Mini muffins (plain and nutella filled)
Nutella brownies
Polka dot Victoria sponge
Lemon drizzle cake
and a banana cake is not long out of the oven (although it is more like a fruit cake as I put lots more in it than just bananas).  
That is not all for this week though, I will be baking at least 2 other things before the week is done - I'm not entirely sure what yet, but I will try to remember to photograph them so you can see. 

Let the baking continue!!

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