Sunday, 3 October 2010

Has a week gone by already...time for a bit of a ramble

It has been a rather strange week and weekend - it has disappeared! I was in London at the beginning of the week and then went on to Colchester for work. Work was good, but I was glad to get home. I had had to stand all the way to London on Sunday, (as Chiltern Trains weren't running and everyone seemed to be on my train to Reading and again from Reading to London) so I was really glad to have a seat on the way back home on Wednesday evening, especially after a long day. 

Thursday through to today has gone in somewhat of a blur... I have baked a little, watched LOTS of Madmen (thanks Roisin!), crocheted, struggled with safety eyes, lost my lovely cupcake pincushion (has anyone seen it around?), cooked a little, and won a prize! I received a sample pack of fabrics from the wonderful Fiona at The Sewing Directory.  I never win anything so I was thrilled - the fabrics are stunning. The range is called Keiko and they are Japanese inspired florals and dots. I am very excited about using them in my next sewing projects. 

Speaking of sewing, I have finally gotten around to putting the zip in my dress, that I (ashamedly) started to make quite some time ago... only the hem to go. I'm not sure about the length though, I think just above the knee might be quite good, although I'll have to pin it and see... I also want to make a petticoat for underneath it (I have beautiful teal tuille that would look very cute peeping out below the hemline of my dress), but that could take months yet! :)

I came across a wonderful blog today - NewDressADay - it encompasses some of my most favourite things: charity shopping, customising and dresses! I have spent far too long this evening looking through back posts, but I just love it. 

I think that's enough rambling for one evening - I am in need of cake and we have ONE more episode of Madmen to go! Better put the kettle on! :)


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