Thursday, 23 September 2010

Something is a-changin'

Originally, this blog was supposed to be all about my freaky talent for spotting loveheart shapes randomly as I wander around - but as I have lost my usb thingy to get the photos off my mini SD card, I won't be able to show you any of them for a while. 

So I've been thinking... I need to write more - I'm doing quite a bit of writing for work at the moment and my head is wrecked from it. I used to love writing but I am losing my grĂ¡ for it as I am just writing works stuff  these days. So this is my solution, my poor readers (so few as you are!) - I am going to write about whatever seems to flow out of me and sometimes stick in the odd image of a random loveheart. 
Don't expect anything profound though, most of it will be mundane. I am not going to be writing sense or write coherently all of the time, but it may help me to get over the hurdle of the blank page when doing my serious writing. 

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