Thursday, 10 February 2011

A couple of dresses that I have been wearing...

Today will be light on the chatter, I have been wearing some very pretty dresses and wanted to share...

The first was a borrowed one - I teamed it with a teal cardi and my most loved shoes!

I also wore similar coloured earrings that I picked up in the Accessorize sale after Christmas. My hair has been getting quite long too, so I managed to tie it up into pig-tails. I felt very cute all day! :)

The second was a birthday gift from the lovely Roisin & Nic. I forget the name of this dress - I mostly forget the names of dresses, but one day I'll know them all. 
They chose really well, and I just love the way that this dress makes me feel. I wore it out to a pub quiz last night and felt so glamorous.  (We came 3rd by the way, so not bad at all!)
So that's enough talking, here it is:

I wore it with a slightly transparent aubergine coloured cardi,my rose belt and my trusty black heels
I think this dress would benefit from some sexy black stilettos though, the shoes I was wearing really dressed it down - shoe shopping is on the cards :)

M was giving me direction, this was my favourite pic - Jazz hands!


  1. You look adorable in both of them! The black dress is called the Onassis dress, by the way :)Oh also I really like the way your hair looks in the wee pigtails above.

  2. Aw shucks, well it is because of you that I got to wear both! :)
    I do need a haircut, but I love my pigtails too - prob the reason why I'm holding off on a trim :)