Friday, 4 February 2011

The boots that will never be mine

So the boots arrived and are as I feared too small. :(  Even the foot bit, which should have been a good size 5, is quite tight. There is also no way that those puppies were going to zip up. 
I'm quite sad as they are lovely and were a bargain too, only£26.95 including postage. So I guess I'll start the return process, unless anyone would like to buy them from me for what I paid for them. 
They are a dark blue in colour, almost a navy blue and a small size 5. If anyone local would like to try them, just let me know. :) 

Here are some pics (pics that I was hoping to be wearing them in)

Do let me know if you know anyone that is interested in buying these beautiful boots, otherwise I will send them back as returns. 

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