Friday, 4 March 2011

28 minutes to go!

I have been baking and cooking up a storm today. 
I have made two loaves of soda bread, the second of which is perfect, the first is sadly in the bin as I remebered when the timer went that I had forgotten the rising agents! Oh well! 

I then, with the help of my two sous-chefs, cooked Ohn-No Khao Swe - Burmese Coconut Chicken Noodles.  Although I used turkey, and we couldn't get any rice noodles to make the crispy noodles for the top. The dinner was absolutely delicious though and was devoured!! It would work really well with tofu too. It is an excellent recipe and I thoroughly recommend giving it a go!

And now there are only 25 minutes to go before my boozy banana cake is ready. It won't be warm when we eat it, but it will be baked, ready and waiting for us for breakfast. :)

Pics to come of all of the above - maybe I'll just post the images and not blabber on again. 

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