Monday, 31 January 2011

Purple salsa

As promised, here is the outfit I wore out to the very special dinner on Saturday. (Again, kindly lent to me by the ever-wonderful Roisin)

It's a wonderful dress, that has the most satisfactory weight to it. It was a complete joy to wear!

I took the weekend off from paperwork, which I don't normally do. I usually just continue to work no matter when it is, but recently I have been feeling like there is more of a need to seperate work time and leisure time. I have been making a more concerted effort to work in set times and then just relax. It was an absolute treat to distance myself from work at the weekend and I really felt like I could enjoy it and relax properly. I really do think it is important to have a good balance between work and time off.  
I am off out to go salsa dancing again this evening - it is my fourth week going and I am really enjoying it.  I have always loved dancing, but it's amazing how just going to this class once a week has improved my coordination and increased my love for dancing again. I hope to start ballroom dancing soon too, just need to find a night when M is free too. :)

I have a party coming up this weekend,  which I have already mentioned, so I am trying to slowly get things organised for it. I need to source a few more games and get nibbles and punch organised. It is fun though! I love parties! I'l post some pics after the weekend. 

That's  enough ramblings for today :)

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